EAPS Grant (Emergency Assistance for Post Secondary Students)

The Emergency Assistance for Postsecondary Students (EAPS) Grant can provide one time assistance to students at risk of dropping out of college due to an unforeseen emergency. These funds were secured to help students stay in college and meet their educational goals, ultimately, securing a better financial future.

Student Eligibility Requirements:

  • Currently enrolled in a program at PTCC
  • PELL recipients, MN State grant recipients
  • Experienced an unforeseen emergency that is preventing completion of college courses ( see examples below)

Apply for Emergency Funds (EAPS)

Step 1: Fill out the EAPS Application here. Students must describe the unforseen emergency that has prevented them from being able to pay for the expense. 
Step 2: An EAPS advisor will contact each student to review the application within 48 hours to review application and unforeseen emergency.  Students must provide necessary documentation to the EAPS advisor (invoice, bill, quote etc). All payments will be made directly to the third party, no payments will be made to the student. 
Step 3: Applications will be reviewed by an EAPS approval team
Step 4: Students will be notified of award or denial of EAPS funding by the EAPS approval team

Examples of eligibility unforeseen expenses
Unforeseen emergency that has created a sudden loss of income used to pay expenses related to

Examples of ineligible expenses
Expenses that are regular and known. Loss of work hours to attend college does not meet the unforeseen emergency requirements

Automobile expense- car broke down, tire blew, unexpected repairs

General automobile expense- regular wear and tear of vehicle, general vehicle maintenance

Housing- sudden loss of income used to pay housing

Housing- work hours cut back to attend college

Utilities-sudden loss of income used to pay for utilities

Utilities-extra high heating bills in the winter

Child Care- sudden need for increased childcare cost, sudden loss of income to pay for childcare

Child care-increased childcare due to attending college

Food-always allowable

Textbooks /Tuition not eligible as it is a known cost when attending college

Gas- allowable, inability to have gas to get to college or college required locations such as clinical site


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