Support Services

Students often experience various challenges outside of the classroom while attending college. We are committed to supporting students’ success by referring them to campus and community resources needed to help them achieve their academic goals. 

EAPS Grant [Emergency Assistance for Post Secondary Students]
The EAPS Grant (Emergency Assistance for Postsecondary Students) can provide financial assistance to students at risk of dropping out of college due to an unforeseen financial emergency.

Connect 4 Success
Connect 4 Success is designed to support students in their pursuit of an education and employment. Connect 4 Success staff provide students with holistic support services while attending college and as they enter the workforce. 

Community Connections
PTCC is dedicated to assisting students success inside and outside of the classroom. Staff at Pine work with community agencies and are available to refer student to community resources.

PTCC Mobile Food Pantry

Pine has partnered with Family Pathways Food Shelf to bring a Mobile Food Pantry to PTCC. These will be drive-through contactless pick up events located outside door 6. Students must sign up in advanced. Students will recieve dry goods, canned goods, produce, meat and dairy.

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