Gavin House

Business Faculty


Phone: 320-629-4522

Office: Room 86

Programs, Courses & Departments:

Gavin champions the Business Technology program at Pine Technical and Community College. He has 20 plus years industry experience and has taught college at the undergraduate and graduate level. Gavin works full time at PTCC and his passion is to help students learn to think for themselves and ultimately discover their own potential.

Gavin’s formal education includes the following credentials:

  • Associate of Arts, Business Administration, Sullivan County Community College
  • Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration, University of St. Thomas
  • Master of Software Systems, University of St. Thomas
  • Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership, Bethel University

Gavin teaches the following courses at PTCC:

  • Business Technology Courses (BTEC 1201, BTEC 1202, BTEC 1230, BTEC 2210, BTEC 2215, BTEC 2280)
  • Computer Courses (COCP 1201)
  • Management Courses (MGMT 1205, MGMT 2205, MGMT 2201)
  • Marketing Courses (MKTG 1200)

How to contact Gavin:

The quickest way to reach Gavin is via email at If you are on campus, stop by his office in Suite 80, room 86 (across the hall from room 71). He has an “open door” policy, so feel free to stop in when his door is open. If he is not available, then check his official office hours posted on his office door.

Business Technology Academic Advising :

Gavin encourages students to contact him for academic advising. He works very hard to support students throughout their educational journey at PTCC.