Human Services Eligibility Worker - Program Requirements and Courses

Program Requirements

A.A.S : A PWFW or HSEW Diploma completed within the last 12 months or an active login ID in the Minnesota DHS eligibility systems(s) within the last 12 months.

Human Services Eligibility Worker

Course ID Course Name Credits
HSEW Diploma - 40 Credits
General Education Courses - select one of the following
ENGL 1276 College Composition 4
ENGL 1277 Technical Communications 4
General Education Courses
SOCI 1225 Human Diversity 3
MnTC General Education elective from any goal area 3
Required Technical Courses
HSEW 1201 Introduction to the HSEW Role 4
HSEW 1205 Worker Skill 4
HSEW 1230 Public Assistance Policy 1 4
HSEW 1235 Eligibility Systems 1 4
HSEW 2230 Public Assistance Policy 2 4
HSEW 2235 Eligibility System 2 4
HSEW 2290 HSEW Internship 6
Human Services Eligibility Worker AAS Degree - 60 Credits
Required for admission: PWFW or HSEW Diploma completed within last 12 months or an active login ID in MN DHS eligibility system(s) within last 12 months
General Education Courses 20
MnTC General Education electives from any goal area