Pre-Service Quick Links


Child Care Aware of Minnesota Northeast is a program run by Pine Technical and Community College - and we are here to help meet all your training needs!

We've listed a quick reference of classes you may need prior to licensing. 

While the courses listed below are approved through Develop, we are providing private links to make registration easy! 

The classes listed below are "Live Online Training" classes and are taken through Zoom with a Live Instructor and other participants. Be sure to read the class details before you register so you know where and when to log in!

Additional pre-service licensing classes are available on Develop as Self-Paced or Web-based, Instructor Lead through Eager-to-Learn.

After you are licensed, for your on-going training needs please use the Training Search on or check out our Quick Reference guide for future classes that are available through the Northeast District via Zoom.


Pre-Service Schedule

By clicking the title of the course you'll be taken to Develop to register. You will need to create a free account if you do not already have one.

All classes are held in the evening, most begin at 6:30 p.m. - please check event details prior to registering to confirm start and end times.

 If any of these courses are full please email or call 320-390-5164.



8/2 & 8/4, Developmentally Approrpriate Behavior Guidance

8/8, 8/10, & 8/11, Supervising for Safety for Family Child Care

8/18, SUID/AHT


9/12, SUID/AHT

9/12 & 9/14, Supervising for Safety for Family Child Care

9/13 & 9/20, Developmentally Appropriate Behavior Guidance


10/3 & 10/4, Developmentally Appropriate Behavior Guidance

10/10, 10/11, & 10/13, Supervising for Safety for Family Child Care

10/20, SUID/AHT


11/1 & 11/3, Developmentally Appropriate Behavior Guidance

11/14 & 11/16, Supervising for Safety for Family Child Care

11/15, SUID/AHT


12/6 & 12/8, Developmentally Appropriate Behavior Guidance

12/12, SUID/AHT

12/20 & 12/22, Supervising for Safety for Family Child Care