Unearned Tuition Assistance - Returning of Funds to Veterans Affairs



What is your institution's policy on the return of unearned TA funds to the government?
Students who use Tuition Assistance (TA) are expected to remain enrolled in the course throughout the duration of the semester. If a student using TA withdraws from the course, the student may no longer be eligible for the full amount of the benefit that was originally authorized. To remain in compliance with the Department of Defense's policy, Pine Technical and Community College will return any unearned TA funds through at least 60% of the semester on a prorated basis. The amount of unearned TA that is returned is based on the date of withdrawal from the course.

After 60% of the semester has passed, TA will not be evaluated for a return to the DOD. 

As an institution, we will bill the DOD after 60% of the semester has passed to reduce the amount of incorrect TA funds being disbursed by the DOD to Pine Technical and Community College. We will only bill for the amount the student earned given their enrollment. 

What is your institution’s schedule for returning unearned TA to the government? 
Bold type identifies the 60% completion point  

5- Week Course: withdrawal submitted  

Day 1-7 100% return
Day 8 77% return
Day 9 74% return
Day 10 71% return
Day 11 69% return
Day 12 66% return
Day 13 63% return
Day 14 60% return
Day 15 57% return
Day 16 54% return
Day 17 51% return
Day 18 49% return
Day 19 46% return
Day 20 43% return
Day 21 40% return (60% of course is completed)
Day 22 0% return Note: The educational institution’s week of instruction is counted as 7 days.  

8- Week Course: withdrawal submitted 

Before or during week 1 100 % return
During week 2 75% return
During weeks 3-4 50% return
During week 5 40% return (60% of course is completed)
During weeks 6-8 0% return  

16-Week Course: withdrawal submitted  

Before or during weeks 1-2 100% return
During weeks 3-4 75% return
During weeks 5-8 50% return
During weeks 9-10 40% return (60% of course is completed) 
During weeks 11-16 0% return 

For courses that have durations differing from those listed above: 
Unearned TA funds will be returned on a prorated basis, depending on the length of the course. To determine the amount of TA that needs to be returned, the institution will determine the date the withdrawal was submitted, and then divide that by the number of days in the term to determine the percentage of TA that was earned by the student. 
Example: The student enrolled in a course that's duration is 30 days. The withdrawal was submitted on the 14th day. The institution would perform the calculation to determine how much TA was earned by the student's attendance: (14 divided by 30 equals 46.6%. 47% of the TA authorized was earned by the student, which means 53% of what was authorized will be returned to the DOD)