COVID Scanning Qualtrics














Any student, employee, and visitors (contractor and vendor) who plan to enter PTCC campus, must complete and pass the COVID-19 Self-Assessment prior to arriving to PTCC.

Completion of the COVID-19 Self-Assessment is REQUIRED DAILY

If you have used the screening tool today and received this message: Based on your answers, you are NOT authorized to come on campus for classes or work,”  you should:

Based on Minnesota Department of Health guidance:

  • Self-isolate or quarantine immediately
  • Monitor your health, contact your healthcare provider as needed

You should also:

  • If you are a student:
    • Contact campus healthcare services or the COVID-19 contact below for further assistance
    • Contact your faculty members to inform them that you will not be attending class
  • If you are an employee, contact your supervisor or human resources
  • If you are a visitor, contractor, or vendor, inform your campus contact
  • Contact the campus COVID-19 contact,, for additional assistance (please do not send any health-related information to this email address)

For further COVID-19 information visit