CARES Act Emergency Financial Aid

As a result of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Securities Act (CARES), PTCC has new emergency funding available for students.  PTCC students who meet the CARES Act eligibility criteria (see below) will begin receiving CARES Emergency Funds on or around May 6th, 2020.  The CARES Act emergency funds will be between $200 and $500, depending on a student's need, as indicated on the FAFSA.  The CARES Emergency funds will be disbursed automatically to a student's financial aid refund choice (direct deposit, bank mobile).  

CARES Act Eligibility: 


In addition to the CARES Emergency funds that are being sent out automatically, students especially hard hit by the coronavirus can apply for additional emergency fund support via the following online application below. Students who meet eligibility criteria referenced above can request up to $500 in additional assistance.  

Additional Emergency Fund Support Application

PTCC will begin processing and awarding the additional PTCC CARES Emergency Aid, after the automatic CARES emergency funds have been released, likely the end of next week (May 8th). 

Department of Education Required Reporting

PTCC signed and returned the CARES Act Certification and Agreement to the Department of Education on April 21st.  The CARES Act awarded PTCC with $240,632 to be used specifically for CARES Student Emergency Financial Aid Grants. 

1.     Estimated number of CARES Act eligible PTCC students:  519

2.     Total number of PTCC Students who have received CARES Act:  469

3.     Method used to award CARES Act to Students:

    1. Degree seeking student who met the CARES Act eligibility were awarded a base amount of $200.00, with an additional $150.00 awarded to students enrolled in either summer or fall 2020
    2. Pell Eligible students who met the CARES Act eligibility were awarded an additional $300.00 
    3. Students who met the CARES Act eligibility could apply for additional emergency grant funds by completing the application above. 

4.     Total amount of CARES Act funding disbursed to students as of August 28, 2020: $229,939.00

    1. Degree seeking students who met the CARES Act eligibility:  $122,600.00
    2. Pell Eligible students who met the CARES Act eligibility: $78,600.00
    3. CARES Act eligible students who applied and were awarded additional emergency funds:  $28,739.00


If you have any questions, please contact Shawn Reynolds at or 320.629.5161