Credits: 3

Prerequisite: ENGL1276 College Composition or ENGL 1277 Technical Communications and GSTP 1225 Welding, Soldering, and Brazing, GSTP 1235 Metallurgy and Heat Treating, GSTP 2230 Barreling and Chambering, GSTP 2269 Two Piece Stockmaking, GSTP 2280 Riflesmithing, MTTP 1208 Measuring Tools, MTTP 1245 Machine Fundamentals I

Co-Requisite: none

In this course, students learn the practices and principles of a shotgun; design, choke systems, barrel dimension theory, fitting to individuals and modification, to safely improve performance.  To reinforce their understanding, students will apply these practices and principle to various shotguns and then examine and evaluate the results to ensure safe performance improvement.

Transfer Curriculum Goal(s): none