Critical Issues in Human Biology

Credits: 4

Prerequisite: READ 0220 Reading Strategies, MATH 0250 Math Concepts or placement determined by assessment score

Co-Requisite: none

This course presents students with information on critical and ethical issues related to how the human body functions.  Topics such as ethical decision-making, genetic engineering, living wills, and issues related to prevention of cancer will be examined.  The course will build the biological framework for understanding these dilemmas by exploring the scientific method and human body systems. Additional topics may cover medical autonomy, genetic engineering, stem cell research, use of animals in research, organ donation, the human genome project, examination of issues related to reproductive biology and women’s physical health or other current critical issues. The lab component covers microscopy, scientific method, the study of cells, genetics, mitosis, and meiosis, aspects of human anatomy and physiology, and topics of reproduction.

Transfer Curriculum Goal(s): 3, 9