100-199 General Administration


101 College Fleet Vehicle Checkout

Proper management of the college fleet vehicle will bring about the emergence of an orderly and effective process for employees to use college vehicles to conduct state-related business functions.

102 Driver's License

This policy applies to all PTCC employees who drive state owned vehicles (or other equipment requiring a driver’s license).

Weather/Short Term Emergency Closings

The following procedure applies when it becomes necessary to close the college or cancel academic or non-academic activities or to delay the opening of the college due to inclement weather or other emergency conditions.

105 Facility/Equipment Use Agreement

PTTC encourages groups and organizations to use the facilities. All persons on College property are required to abide by College and MnSCU policies, State laws and College regulations.

106 PTCC Crisis Team Designation and Responsibilities

The purpose of the Crisis Team is to provide maximum safety and minimal losses or damage to the students, clients, employees, and campus resources.

108 Report/Complaint of Discrimination/Harassment Investigation and Resolution

Relating to non-discrimination in employment and education opportunity by providing a process through which individuals alleging violation of system or campus non-discrimination policies may pursue a complaint.

109 Fire/Tornado Emergencies & Drills

To set a process and minimal time lines for fire and tornado emergencies and for drills to prepare college personnel and students for such emergencies.

110 Bomb Threat

The purpose of this policy is to establish a procedure to gain as much information as possible about a bomb threat.

114 Fraudulent or other Dishonest Acts

This policy establishes responsibilities for investigating potential incidents of fraud or other dishonest acts, taking remedial actions, and reporting evidence to the Legislative Auditor and other appropriate authorities.

115 Signs on Campus

It is the purpose of PTCC to provide a method for campus units and organizations to post signs on campus to communicate with staff and students.

116 Possession or Carry of Firearms

The purpose of this policy is to establish restrictions on possession or carry of firearms applicable to the MNSCU System and PTCC, in accordance with the Minnesota Citizens’ Personal Protection Act of 2003.

119 Armed Intruder

To provide guidance in response to an active shooter/armed intruder incident and establish a procedure for an active shooter/armed intruder drill.

121 Community Use of the Learning Resource and Technology Center

The purpose of this policy is to define the reasonable extent that the Learning Resource and Technology Center (LRTC) can be a community resource to those persons not associated directly with the college and its various related programs

122 Live Project Work

It is the purpose of this policy to regulate live project work taken in to programs at PTCC.

123 Violence Prevention

To provide an educational and employment environment that is free from threats or acts of violence of any type, from any source.

123 Policy Document Form

All incidents should be reported immediately to the President or, in the absence of the President, to a College official as listed on the PTCC Chain of Command Policy (107).

131 Behavioral Assessment and CARE Team

The College is dedicated to the safety and health of its students, clients and staff.

132 Sexual Violence Reporting and Procedure

This policy is designed to prohibit sexual violence and provide a process through which individuals alleging sexual violence may pursue a complaint.

133 Service Animals Policy

The College is committed to providing members of the college community with disabilities equal access to programs, services and physical facilities.

133 Procedure Service Animals

In general, the College will not ask about the nature or extent of a person’s disability, but may make two inquiries to determine whether an animal qualifies as a service animal.