Academic Suspension

Academic Suspension

If you are unable to complete the requirements for warning/probation for GPA and credit completion, you will be suspended at the end of the term. You will be notified by letter from Student Affairs. Suspensions are for one semester (plus summer) to one year, depending on whether this is your first or second suspension.

All MnSCU colleges honor suspensions from PTCC. At the time you wish to return to any of the MNSCU colleges, you will be required to complete an Appeal. For information regarding the Suspension Appeal, contact the Counselor in Student Affairs.

Tips for those on Academic Suspension

Focus your energies on continuing and passing remaining courses. This will be important when you submit a Suspension Appeal in the future.

Take time to meet with the Counselor to set up a recovery plan.

Reflect on what may be getting in the way of your progress, and make adjustments to lead to your academic success.

Suspension Appeal

Prior to completing the Suspension Appeal Form, meet with the Counselor to discuss grounds for your Appeal and types of documentation that may be acceptable.