Academic Resources

GPS LifePlan

GPS LifePlan provides web resources for academic and educational topics. Find out more about specific Study Skills and Strategies with the following topics:

  • Basic Skills
  • Language Learning
  • Learning Styles
  • Library and Research Resources
  • Online Learning Skills
  • Support for Specific Student Groups
  • Study Skills
  • Test Prep and Anxiety
  • Time Management and Motivation
  • Writing and Researching

Learning Styles

There are many terrific resource that can maximize your learning style and give suggestions on what to do if your instructors teach to a different learning style.

More on Learning Styles available at GPS LifePlan.

Learning Problems

  • Tips for studying, note taking, etc.
  • Common signs of dyslexia.
  • From the National Center for Learning Disabilities

Test Anxiety

Managing test anxiety

  • What does test anxiety feel like?

Dealing with test anxiety

  • More about test anxiety and how to handle it.

Memory and Concentration

Training Your Wandering Mind

  • Learning mental self-regulation for improved concentration

Time Management

Managing timefor college students including advantages, tips and resources.

Great ideasfor finding more time for college work!

Time auditscan help you to discover choices you can make to improve efficiency in studying.