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As a parent of a college bound high school junior or senior, preparing for the ever rising cost of a college education can be challenging to say the least. More than half of all undergraduate college students attending two-year or four-year public colleges state the average cost for tuition and fees ranges from $4,000 to $9,000 per year. In addition, the students are paying an average of $5,000 for living expenses.

The Concurrent Enrollment program at PTCC provides an opportunity for your child to earn college credits in high school at no cost. While enrolled in the program, your son or daughter will save thousands of dollars on tuition as well as develop the skills and understanding of college curriculum necessary for future college and life success.

For questions relating to Concurrent Enrollment or PSEO please contact: Jodie Klinkhammer at: 320-629-5117;

First and foremost, we must ensure that all concurrent enrollment courses offered in high schools meet college‐level standards and expectations, course and student outcomes, and are delivered with rigor and quality. The Higher Learning Commission expects this of all of our college courses as well as of concurrent enrollment courses, as assured in our accreditation processes. The National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships, a nonprofit organization comprised of concurrent enrollment programs across the nation, also has program‐level accreditation standards that supports and ensures high quality courses and programs. To ensure that our colleges and universities are able to sustain high quality programs, it is important that we are able to offer specific concurrent enrollment programming features, such as:

  • Annual orientation to all new and current high school teachers
  • Professional development opportunities for high school teachers to engage in discipline-specific
  • learning with our college faculty

Collaboration between high school teachers and college faculty to ensure that the concurrent enrollment course taught at the high school meets the same level of course outcomes as the college course taught at the postsecondary institution.

  • Individual course evaluations
  • Comprehensive program evaluations, and
  • Appropriate program oversight and accountability.


For your convenience, take a look at the PSEO student handbook.