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Get the Continuing Education and Customized Training Spring 2017 catalog, or visit each program for more information below. If you are interested in registering for a certain course click on the link following the course information. You can also either call or email Kathy Anderson at 320-629-5176. Thank you!

Welcome to Continuing Education and Customized Training

The Pine Technical & Community College Continuing Education department offers a broad range of courses designed for an individual's professional growth and development, while the Customized Training department provides education and training tailored to businesses' specific needs. With changing technologies and changing markets, it is more important than ever to invest in an organization's most important resource -- its people. Together, the PTCC Continuing Education and Customized Training (CECT) department provides quality workforce training and development to help grow and prosper the Pine Area.

About Continuing Education...

Pine Technical & Community College's Continuing Education department serves as the major regional provider of skill-based, short-term courses.

  • Courses are conveniently offered during the day, evening and on weekends.
  • Courses are open-enrollment and cater to a foreseen need such as new technology.
  • Many courses are designed to meet an occupational licensing or legal requirement.
  • Since class sizes are smaller, students receive more individual attention and learn more.
  • Courses are shorter in duration than college credit classes and are delivered to meet the needs of the participant.

About Customized Training...

"Training has become a strategic investment -- not just a cost to be budgeted." -American Society of Training and Development

Through innovative assessment, delivery and evaluation, Pine Technical & Community College is able to assist organizations with training, plan development and implementation. Today's workplace is inundated with change as new technologies, processes and equipment emerge every day. To keep up with all these changes, an organization's employees need ongoing training. PTCC provides efficient and effective training with an eye on the bottom line and with an eye on developing a company's most important asset -- its employees.

Job-Site Delivery
All training is available at your facility, so you're paying employees for training time, not commuting time. Also, we arrange training according to your schedule including early morning, evening or weekend training to accommodate the complex schedules of today's workplace.

Professional Instructors and Consultants
Instructors are licensed professionals experienced in the classroom and the workplace. Training content meets your business goals, whether immediate, short-term or long-term. All training includes hands-on experience, participant involvement and plenty of time for questions and answers.

Customized for Your Needs
Our experienced staff, instructors and consultants work in partnership with you to ensure every aspect of the training process is tailored to your exact requirements: from the development of custom-tailored curriculum to pre-course logistics planning and post-course evaluation. Classes may be customized to fit the specific needs of your organization. Expertise is available in the following core areas:

Industrial Technology
Workplace Safety, Right-to-Know, Hazard Communication, Bloodborne Pathogens, Lockout/ Tagout, Confined Space, AWAIR, Personal Protective Equipment, Respiratory Equipment, CPR, First Aid, Ergonomics, Maintenance, Blue Print Reading, Welding, Math & Measure, New Product Development, Virtual Reality Training Simulations, Lean Manufacturing and more.

Information Technology
Windows, Microsoft Office Applications, Web/Internet, Website Development, Web-based Marketing Planning, Software Development & Testing, Network Set-ups and more.

Health Education
First Aid, CPR, Slips Trips and Falls, Back Injury Prevention, First Responders, Emergency Medical Training and more.

Management Education
Supervisory Training, Team-building, Human Resource Development, Position Descriptions, Performance Appraisals, Compensation Systems, Employee Handbooks, Policy and Procedure Manuals, Workplace Violence Awareness, Stress Management, Customer Service, Change Management and more.

Workforce Development

On Demand
Hybrid Delivery

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Jason Spaeth, Dean of Customized Training/Continuing Education 320-629-5175

Dawn Sandberg, Fire Program Manager & Contract Training Program Manager 320-629-5184

Kathy Anderson, Office Administrative Specialist-Senior 320-629-5176

Margery Fagerstrom, Assistant Director and Continuing Education Program Manager 320-629-5199

Kerry Fridstrom, Industry Certification & Educational Advisor, Testing Center Coordinator 320-629-5197

Heidi Braun, Director of Workforce Development 320-629-5178

Jane Robbins, Contract Training Program Manager 320-629-5185

Jeanne Svedjan, Program Manager, Grants 320-629-5192