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Early Childhood Professionals & Caregivers

Minnesota depends on you! We count on you to nurture our children, prepare them for kindergarten and support their working parents.

We are here to help. Click on the tabs below to find out more information or contact your local Child Care Aware Staffer to help you with more information!

Becoming Licensed

In Minnesota, family child care must meet standards for caregiver qualifications, physical environment, number of children per caregiver, behavior guidance, required policies and records, activities, and equipment. (View a complete description of the Minnesota Rules here.) Contact your local social services agency to request an application and to get information about becoming a licensed provider. At the time of application, the applicant and all specified household members, over the age of 13, must have a background study. A fire inspection may also be required under certain conditions. Many counties offer a licensing orientation meeting, where you can get an overview of the licensing process.

Child Care Licensing Contacts list coming soon

New Program Registration

If you are a newly licensed child care provider or program, please use the forms below to register with Child Care Aware of Minnesota Northeast. (If you are an existing provider/program, do not use these forms. To update your information please contact our staff. )

If you operate a home-based child care program, please fill out the Family Child Care Providers Business Information Form.

If you operate a child care center, please fill out the Center, Preschool, School-age Child Care Providers Business Information Form.

Annual Business Update Form

Family Child Care Business Update Forms are mailed to licensed providers annually, at the beginning of the year, from the Department of Human Services. The Minnesota Child Care Provider Update is your opportunity to:

  • Update your information that appears on the Parent Aware website. Information may be provided to parents who use the Child Care Aware Referral services seeking information about their child care options.
  • Provide the State with information needed to compare current child care prices and current maximum subsidy rates in the child care assistance program (CCAP).
  • Influence Minnesota's child care policies, training opportunities, and program supports.

While the Child Care Provider Update is sent to you annually we encourage to update your information as needed. Many parents utilize Child Care Aware's Referral Services and our Parent Specialist is here to help you make the most of our referral services and explain how even adjusting your hours may increase the number of referrals you receive. Please contact our staff to assist you! There is always a need for 24 hour care, please be sure to let us know if you are an extended hour provider!

Annual Business Update Link

Lending Library

Looking to see examples of different types of curriculum? Have a biting child and need additional resources? Our FREE Lending Library may offer many resources you are looking for! Please contact yourRegional Coordinator to find out how we can help!