400-499 Fiscal Affairs

PTCC campus policies - 400-499 Fiscal Affairs

401 Establishment of Budget for Grants and Contracts

Pine Technical College receives funds from a number of sources to carry out contracts of various types and to conduct grant projects.

402 Budget Planning, Control and Reporting

To plan, establish, control, monitor and report the College operating budget.

403 Initiating and Processing Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders and Related Payments

To permit employees of the college to purchase goods and services for the efficient operations of the college and to align PTCC purchasing practice with state guidelines.

404 Budget Change Process

To establish a system and method whereby cost center managers may move funds from one object code to another within a cost center or between cost centers to address program or division needs.

405 Payment of Memberships for Professional Organizations

Memberships in associations, societies, and other professional organizations are often essential for effective performance of the various program and support functions of the college.

406 General Fixed Asset Inventory for General Fund

To account for Pine Technical College’s capital assets in conformity with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Governmental Accounting Standards Board and to insure internal controls exist to properly safeguard and report its capital assets.

407 Tuition Payment and Collection

Tuition and Fee Payment and Collection (Excluding Customized Training Students or Contract Instruction Students).

408 Transcript Fee

PTCC will establish an equitable fee for providing official transcripts based upon the cost of the service.

409 Travel Management

To develop a college procedure on travel management in conjunction with those of the above Authorities.

410 Campus Store Inventory Management

To establish an efficient, cost-effective procedure for managing the inventory of textbooks and other instructional materials maintained by the Bookstore.

411 Indirect Costs for Grants and Contracts

Grants and contracts obtained and operated by PTCC cause additional burdens on a number of administrative and support functions.

412 Accounts Receivable Management

Accounts receivable is a significant asset for the College and, as such, it must be carefully managed to ensure efficient and effective collection of all debts.

413 Purchasing Credit Card Program

Each college, university, or office of the chancellor using a Purchasing Credit Card Program must establish procedures and forms for implementing and monitoring the program.