Live Online Courses

Receive high quality training and education from industry experts in an interactive virtual classroom experience. Employees can train right at the office and never leave their desk. Individuals can train from home or any convenient location! Learn more and register online by clicking on any of the courses below. Registration is due by August 5th.

Sales and Customer Service Techniques 
Monday, 1-3pm | 1 week: 8/26 | Instructor: Michael Monroe Kiefer | $49.99 
Boost your self-confidence by learning new tools and techniques to deal with different types of people, including "difficult customers". Take a personality survey and learn techniques for customized presentations, building sales grids, ongoing communications, closing tactics, and more.

Workplace Diversity 
Mondays, 4-6pm | 8 weeks: 8/19-10/14 (No class on Labor Day 9/2) | Instructor: Ruth Stadheim | $244 
Participants will learn new ways of thinking, understand different points of view, and create innovative workplace solutions they may not have otherwise come to. Topics will include cultural differences, generational differences, gender differences, birth order, and unconscious bias.

Business Communications for the Workplace 
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 7-8am | 8 weeks: 8/20-10/10 | Instructor: Ruth Stadheim | $244 
This course is designed to assist participants in developing professional communication skills for the work environment. Learn how to determine appropriate methods of communication dealing with internal and external groups, individually with team members and supervisors, and as a team or company. Topics will include oral communication skills, barriers to communication, and appropriate medium usage.

Manufacturing Processes & Production 
Tuesdays, 12-2pm | 8 weeks: 8/20-10/8 | 2 credits* | Instructor: Jerry Musielewicz | $244 
Students will learn Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturing principles, basic supply chain management, communication skills, and customer service. Requires: Textbook and subscription, not included in registration cost.

The Business of Drones 
Tuesday, 10am-12pm | 1 week: 8/27 | Instructor: Sean Stevens, Sky Eye Films | $49.99 
This seminar will look at the industry of drones, uses in industry, rules and business cases for those interested in using this technology for their business (ag, real estate, photography, etc.) or for individuals considering entering the drone industry.

Mentally Strong: Resilience and Stress Management 
Tuesdays, 1-3pm | 8 weeks: 8/20-10/8 | Attend live online OR in person! | Instructors: Ashley & Matt Kuemper | $244 
Learn how to develop a resilient mindset, manage stress, and avoid burnout. Topics will include psychological and physiological effects of stress, stress-management techniques, fostering mindfulness, developing a resilient mindset, goal-setting, and promoting positive perspective.

Fundamentals of Safety Leadership 
Tuesday, 1-3pm | 1 week: 9/24 | Attend live online OR in person! | Instructor: Terry Weston | $129 
Discover your leadership style and decode your SafetyDNA to find out how you can reduce the risk of injury to your team. Learn how your direct reports are wired and what you can do to prevent workplace injuries. Includes a personal safety leadership assessment ($100 value!)

Print Reading 
Tuesdays, 4-6pm | 8 weeks: 8/20-10/8 | 2 credits* | Instructor: Jerry Musielewicz | $244 
This course will orient students in the basic skills and abilities required for understanding prints utilized in a manufacturing/industrial environment and will cover techniques of basic shop sketching and interpretation of three-dimensional drawings. 
Requires: Textbook, not included in registration cost.

Quality Practices 
Wednesdays, 1-3pm | 8 weeks: 8/21-10/9 | 2 credits* | Instructor: Jerry Musielewicz | $244 
Introduction to quality, including emphasis on corrective actions, preventative actions, control of documents, control of quality records, internal auditing of processes and control of non-conforming product. Requires: Textbook and subscription, not included in registration cost.

Maintenance Awareness 
Wednesdays, 4-6pm | 8 weeks: 8/21-10/9 | 2 credits* | Instructor: Jerry Musielewicz | $244
This course introduces the concepts of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and preventive maintenance. Students are introduced to lubrication, electricity, hydraulics, pneumatics, and power transmission systems. Requires: Subscription, not included in registration cost. 

Career Success Skills
Thursdays, 4-6pm | 8 weeks: 8/22-10/10 | 1 credit* | Instructor: Mary Kay McVey | $244
Students will be introduced to skills that will help them succeed in the workplace, including communication, productivity, teamwork, conflict resolution, and critical thinking. Students will learn how to identify professional skills, assess their abilities, and identify ways to improve.

*Credits are available through participating colleges only. Ask your college representative for details