What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is the assurance to students, employers and the community that Pine Technical and Community College maintains national standards for development of curriculum and quality of faculty. This ensures our students and graduates are eligible for financial aid, are able to transfer credits to other institutions, and fulfill licensure requirements. 

Criterion 1. Mission

The institution’s mission is clear and articulated publicly; it guides the institution’s operations.

Criterion 2. Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct

The institution acts with integrity; its conduct is ethical and responsible.

Criterion 3. Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources, and Support

The institution provides high quality education, wherever and however its offerings are delivered.

Criterion 4. Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement

The institution demonstrates responsibility for the quality of its educational programs, learning environments, and support services, and it evaluates their effectiveness for student learning through processes designed to promote continuous improvement.

Criterion 5. Resources, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness

The institution’s resources, structures, and processes are sufficient to fulfill its mission, improve the quality of its educational offerings, and respond to future challenges and opportunities. The institution plans for the future.

Higher Learning Commission: Criteria for Accreditation

Who Accredits Institutions of Higher Education?

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) is an independent corporation that was founded in 1895 as one of six regional institutional accreditors in the United States. HLC accredits degree-granting post-secondary educational institutions in the North Central region.

What are the Guiding Values of HLC?

The Higher Learning Commission’s Criteria for Accreditation reflect a set of guiding values. HLC articulates these guiding values so as to offer a better understanding of the Criteria and the intentions that underlie them.

  1. Focus on student learning
  2. Education as a public purpose
  3. Education for a diverse, technological, globally connected world
  4. A culture of continuous improvement
  5. Evidence-based institutional learning and self-presentation
  6. Integrity, transparency, and ethical behavior or practice
  7. Governance for the well-being of the institution
  8. Planning and management of resources to ensure institutional sustainability
  9. Mission-centered evaluation
  10. Accreditation through peer review

When will Accreditation of Pine Technical & Community College take place?

Pine Technical & Community College is seeking reaffirmation of accreditation in 2018. The two-day site visit will occur in early October 2018. The College is currently writing the self-study evaluation to support the application for reaccreditation. The College will seek feedback from students, graduates and third parties in March and April 2018.

Who is part of the HLC Visiting Team?

HLC’s visiting team is comprised of 3-7 peer reviewers from other higher education institutions throughout the country.

What does the Visiting Team do During the Site Visit?

HLC will conduct an Assurance Review to determine whether Pine Technical & Community College continues to meet the Criteria for Accreditation.